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Will go over the Rainbow

Trash bin like for my fetish over beautiful things

12 December

Will go over the Rainbow


Ime, 18 y/o, roamer. Basically I love all of the beautiful things in the world. Like a bunch of men who dance like squid in weird outfit for example.

Have been trapped into fandom since I started High school. Cruel world.

Wandering from one fandom to another because I'm not devoted enough and easily bored. Except HSJ, I stayed for 3 years before I hit my hormonal stage and moved on to the older generation.

Have been swimming together with a horde of unicorns in the ocean full of sparkles under the rainbow bridge and in the middle of storm.

Everyday is happiness with five warriors gay-ing each other.

Sho on my desktop, smiling, showing his perfect (upper) teeth off. His chipmunk face is shining, blinding every single human alive.

I love reading manga and watching anime. I like drawing. I like talking to my cat. I like the day when the sky is blue but I like rainy day the most. I like the green scenery outside of my window. I always cry when I go stargazing. Jumping rope 1000x on a dialy basis is my recent goal.

. /end of rant

I'd like to put a lot of emoticons to emphasize my kindness and friendliness, =)=)=) :D HAHAHAHA!!!! #gets slapped

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